Cardinal Forest Elementary School

8600 Forrester Blvd., Springfield


Grades: Family and Early Childhood Program, K-6

Opened: 1966

Enrollment: 617

Principal: Karen Kenna

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT school-based, FECEP

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Crestwood Elementary School

6010 Hanover Ave., Springfield


Grades: Head Start, K-6

Opened: 1956

Enrollment: 485

Principal: Dr. Judith Thompson

PTA President: Kelly Garcia

Special programs: open court readings, core knowledge school, special education programs, ESOL

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Forestdale Elementary School

6530 Elder Ave., Springfield


Opened: 1964

Enrollment: 429

Principal: Cheryl Toth

PTA President: Teresa Hogan

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT school-based, Head Start, Community of Caring

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Franconia Elementary School

6043 Franconia Road, Alexandria


Opened: 1872

Enrollment: 476

Principal: Merrell Dade

PTA President: Ed Foster

Special Programs: After-school SOL remediation and tutoring, Reading recovery

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Garfield Elementary School

7101 Old Keene Mill Road


Enrollment: 350

Principal: Dr. Maureen Marshall

PTA President: Liz McGhan

Special programs: ESOL; special education; Take Home Books program; Step Up Language Arts (SULA); Community of Caring; Running Club; Crochet Club; Knitting Club; Fitness Club; French Club; Responsive Classroom trained school, special teaching program .

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Gunston Elementary School

10100 Gunston Road, Lorton


Enrollment: 617

Principal: Tonya Cox

PTA President: Allison Mills

Special Programs: ESOL, Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools, School-Aged Child Care, FECEP Head Start

Cluster: 4

Web site:

Hayfield Elementary School

7633 Telegraph Road, Alexandria


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1967

Enrollment: 564

Principal: Barbara Vaccarella

PTA President: Dana Bennsky

Special Programs: ESOL, School-aged Child Care, services with students with mild retardation, Young Scholars

Cluster: 4

Web site:

Hayfield Secondary School

7630 Telegraph Road, Alexandria


Grades: 7-12

Opened: 1969

Enrollment: 2305

Principal: Bill Oehrlein

PTA President:

Special Programs: AP, ESOL, JROTC-Army, Planetarium, Foreign language partial-immersion program, Advancement via individual determination

Cluster: 4

Web site:

Hunt Valley Elementary School

7107 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield


grades: K-6

Opened: 1969

Enrollment: 600

Principal: Patricia Small

PTA President: Vanessa Genatempo

Special programs: autism program; homework club; Virginia Young Reader's Summer Reading program, chorus, art club, flex program language classes, SCA, Be Smart, Don't Start club

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Island Creek Elementary School

7855 Morning View Lane, Alexandria


Grades: Preschool, K-6

Enrollment: 746

Principal: Susan Owner

PTA President: Liz Dunn

Special programs: ESOL, full-day kindergarten, preschool special education, services for preschoolers with autism and disabilities, SACC

Cluster: V

Web site:

Keene Mill Elementary School

6310 Bardu Ave., Springfield


Grades: preschool, K-6

Enrollment: 625

Principal: Larry Burke

PTA President: Peter Steinberg

Special Programs: preschool special education program, moderately retarded program, severely disabled children, Gifted Center program

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Kings Glen Elementary School

5401 Danbury Forest Drive, Springfield


Grades: 4-6

Opened: 1969

Enrollment: 530

Principal: Sam Elson

PTA President: Laura Jacknin

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT school-based, arts and technology programs

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Kings Park Elementary School

5400 Harrow Way, Springfield


Grades: preschool, K-3

Opened: 1964

Enrollment: 704

Principal: Kathleen Walts

PTA President: Laura Jacknin

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT school-based, Success by Eight school, teen mentoring program with Lake Braddock HS, professional development program with GMU, technology emphasis

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Lane Elementary School

7137 Beulah St., Alexandria


Grades: K-6


Principal: Suzanne Montgomery

PTA President: Melanie Crosby Hardy

Special programs: ESOL, full-day kindergarten, SACC, services for students with moderate or severe disabilities, young scholars

Cluster: 4

Web site:

Lynbrook Elementary School

5801 Backlick Road, Springfield


Grades: FECEP, K-6

Opened: 1957

Enrollment: 400

Principal: Mary McNamee

PTA President: Rosario Montes

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT school-based, SACC, Step Up Language Arts, Reading Recovery, program for students with autism, SuccessMaker program, Partners in Print

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Newington Forest Elementary School

8001 Newington Forest Ave., Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1991

Enrollment: 650

Principal: John Kren Jr.

PTA President: Chris Kormis

Special programs: Learning disability/educational disability, ESL, GT

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Orange Hunt Elementary School

6820 Sydenstricker Road, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1976

Enrollment: 900

Principal: Judy Ryan

PTA President: Leslie McAndrew

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT school-based, German partial-immersion program, peer mediation, multimedia instruction, SACC, SCA, Chess Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Community of Caring

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Ravensworth Elementary School

5411 Nutting Drive, Springfield


Grades: Special Ed Preschool, K-6

Opened: 1960s

Enrollment: 567

Principal: Pam McClelland

PTA President: Sara Hammersley

Special programs: Spanish immersion, ESOL, school-based E.D. program, special ed preschool

Cluster: 3

Web site:

Rolling Valley Elementary School

6703 Barnack Drive, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1968

Enrollment: 519

Principal: Debra Lane

PTA President: Jessica Han

Special programs: ESOL, special education, GT services, noncategorical education program

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Sangster Elementary School

7420 Reservation Drive, Springfield


Grades: K-6

Opened: 1989

Enrollment: 760

Principal: Gail Kinsey

PTA President: Leah Esper

Special programs: SACC; GT; autism program

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Saratoga Elementary School

8111 Northumberland Road, Springfield


Grades: FECEP, K-6

Opened: 1989

Enrollment: 790

Principal: Patricia (Pat) Conklin

Special programs: FECEP/Head Start; Special Education programs program; ESOL, GT resource.

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Springfield Estates Elementary School

6200 Charles Goff Drive, Springfield


Grades: FECEP, K-6

Opened: 1958

Enrollment: 613

Principal: Mary Randolph

2005-2006 PTA President: Liz Murphy

Special programs: GT center, ESOL, before and after school school-age child care, Model Technology, Homework Club, Community of Caring

Cluster: 5

Web site:

West Springfield Elementary School

6802 Deland Drive, Springfield


Grades: K-6, preschool special education

Opened: 1965

Enrollment: 438

Principal: Kathryn Woodley

PTA President: Pam Abbott

Special programs: special ed; ESOL, GT program, Success by Eight, Community of Caring, Mentors, Student Issues- Parent Solutions, Just Say NO program

Cluster: 6

Web site:


Washington Irving Middle School

8100 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield


Grades: 7-8

Opened: 1960

Enrollment: 1,078

Principal: Danny Little

PTA President: Linda Gould

Special programs: ESOL, special education, school-based GT program, German immersion, Work Awareness Transition (WAT) program, peer helping and conflict mediation

Cluster: 6

Web site:

Key Middle School

6402 Franconia Road, Springfield


Grades 7-8

Opened: 1970

2006 Spring Enrollment: 818

Principal: Penny Myers

Special programs: ESOL, special education, college partnership, peer mediation, moderately retarded program, autism program; SOL after-school tutoring

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Poe Middle School

7000 Cindy Lane, Annandale


Grades 6-8

Enrollment: 1,106

Principal: Sonya Swansborough

Special programs: Advancement Via Individual Determination, Early Identification Program, ESOL, Spanish partial immersion, services for students with autism and moderate to severe disabilities, IMBYP, young scholars (grade 6)

Cluster: 3

Web site:

Twain Middle School

4700 Franconia Road, Alexandria


Grades 7-8

Enrollment: 856

Principal: Aimee Holleb

PTA President:

Special programs: Advancement Via Individual Determination, career translations, ESOL, Spanish partial immersion, GT, services for students with emotional disabilities and mild retardation

Cluster: 5

Web site:


Edison High School

5801 Franconia Road, Alexandria


Opened: 1963

Enrollment: 1705

Principal: Greg Croghan

PTSA President: Kareemah Abdullah

Special Programs: Edison Academy, Career Center

Cluster: 5

Web Site:

Hayfield Secondary School

7630 Telegraph Road, Kingstowne


Grades 7-12


Enrollment: 3,350

Principal: Dr. Bill Oehrlein

PTA President: Dottie Andrews

Special Programs: Special Programs: CEER program for reading and math, peer mediating and peer helping programs, College Partnership program, More Time for Learning program

Cluster: 5

Web site:

Lee High School

6540 Franconia Road, Springfield


Grades 9-12

Opened: 1958

Enrollment: 2,043

Principal: Donald E. Thurston

PTA President: John Quinn

Special programs: ESOL, special education, Honors and IB programs, student leadership and peer mediation courses, peer tutoring program

Cluster: 5

Web site:

West Springfield High School

6100 Rolling Road, Springfield


Grades 9-12

Opened: 1966

Enrollment: 2,198

Principal: David G. Smith

PTA President: Jan Brecht-Clark

Special programs: ESOL, special education, ASL I, II, and III. Applied History, a practical application of history with student internships. Advanced Placement Diploma

Cluster: 6

Web site: