Seniors Dedicate Time to Win Battle of the Bands

Seniors Dedicate Time to Win Battle of the Bands

High-School Seniors Make Time for Band

In the midst of finishing up end-of-the-year projects and making post-graduation plans seven seniors managed to put together an award-winning set list Friday night at Park View High School’s Battle of the Bands.

The Pulse, made up of students from two Sterling high schools, won a prize package, which included a time slot at a Sterling studio and a few certificates to music shops throughout the area and $100 in cash for the band.

"We were completely shocked," said lead singer Mario Vines.

The bandmates said they were surprised by the results because, although they've known each other for years, they’ve only been practicing together as The Pulse for three months. And they didn’t have a lot of time to practice, either.

Due to their busy schedules, it’s impossible for the band to get together everyday. So, one week before the competition, the students put their extracurricular activities on hold and practiced their set list at drummer Ryan Thursby’s house every night. They got together as soon as they could during the day and practiced until it was time for Thursby’s parents to go to bed.

THURSBY NAMED the band The Pulse because its music reflects their lives.

"Like a heartbeat. It’s very symbolic of life," he said.

"We’re the heartbeat," keyboard player Jorshe "Jorge" Joseph said. "Our music keeps us going."

Vines, a senior at Park View High School, writes all of the lyrics to the music. He said he gets his material from everyday life and love.

"We bring a little bit of everything to the stage," Thursby said.

The group’s been influenced by bands from all genres of music, including 311, Bob Marley, Gym Class Heroes and John Legend.

What does their music sound like?

"Nothing you’ve ever heard," bassist Joshua Young said.

"It’s kind of like we have a conversation with the audience," said guitarist Shane Gallagher. "We’re a jam band with a purpose."

Sean Griffin, a fellow senior at Park View High School, said he enjoys going to The Pulse’s shows because their performances are always jam-packed with energy.

"There are always people at their shows jumping up and down.

THE BAND PLANS to continue to practice and play shows throughout the summer. Depending on how well that goes, they will continue their efforts to get The Pulse’s music out to their fans.

No matter what happens, Gallagher said the band will always play together.

"We might not play as The Pulse, but we will always jam," he said. "We’re all really close. This is one way we stay connected."

Young, who will be attending the Berkley School of Music in Boston, Mass., in the fall, said the group plans to share music they make on their own at college through computer equipment they have.

Through technology, the musicians can send what they’ve been working on to each other via the computer and piece it all together.

"That’s another way we can keep in touch and keep the band together," Young said. "Through technology."