Driver Gets 40 Years

Driver Gets 40 Years

Young Plans to Appeal Sentence

Last month, a Loudoun Circuit Court judge sentenced the Kentucky man who pleaded guilty to robbing two Loudoun banks last year to 18 years in prison. The same judge sentenced his partner in the crimes to 20 years in prison Friday, June 15.

Judge James H. Chamblin upheld the jury's recommendation in the sentencing of Ronald Michael Young, 35, of Manassas, to 40 years in prison for his role in the robberies. The judge, however, suspended all but 20 years to serve consecutively in prison.

Chamblin said he originally thought Young should serve a lesser sentence than Rogers because he did not enter the banks, but instead drove the getaway car in all of the robberies.

"On the other hand, [Rogers] pleaded guilty," Chamblin said. "He admitted his guilt. You did not."

The judge said he sensed a lack of remorse from the defendant.

"I don’t understand you, Mr. Young," Chamblin said.

IN FEBRUARY, a jury found Young guilty on two counts of robbery and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony for the robberies, and recommended he serve 15 years for each robbery and five years on each count of conspiracy, a total of 40 years in jail. The robberies occurred in March 2006, at the BB&T bank in Ashburn’s Junction Plaza and the Provident bank in Sterling’s Commonwealth Plaza.

"Every now and then, you’ll get a jury that comes down really hard," Chamblin said. "This jury, Mr. Young, they obviously didn’t like what you did."

Chamblin asked Young if he wanted to appeal the court's decision.

"Absolutely, yes," Young said.