More Prison Time for Bank Robbers

More Prison Time for Bank Robbers

Loudoun sentences both Rogers and Young.

Already sentenced to 24 years in prison for three bank robberies in Fairfax County, Geoffrey Logan Rogers has received an additional 18 years from Loudoun County for two bank robberies there.

CO-DEFENDANT Ronald Michael Young is having separate trials for each offense. After his first jury trial, April 10 in Fairfax County Circuit Court, he was found guilty of a Fair Lakes bank heist. The jury recommended six years in prison, and his sentencing is July 20. Meanwhile, last Friday, June 15, Loudoun County sentenced Young to 20 years behind bars.

Last year, authorities arrested both Rogers, now 43, of Paducah, Ky., and Young, now 39, of Manassas — friends who'd met during a prior prison stint. Each was charged with five, 2006 bank robberies — three in Fairfax County and two in Loudoun:

* March 17 - United Bank, Fair Lakes Shopping Center, Fairfax.

* March 28 - BB&T Bank, Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Chantilly.

* March 30 - Virginia Commerce Bank, Metrotech Drive, Chantilly.

* March 30 - BB&T Bank, Junction Plaza, Ashburn.

* March 30 - Provident Bank, Community Plaza, Sterling.

On Feb. 28, Rogers pleaded guilty to the three Fairfax County robberies; on April 6, Circuit Court Judge Jane Roush sentenced him to 24 years in prison.

Then on May 29 in Loudoun County Circuit Court, Judge James Chamblin sentenced him to nine years in prison for each Loudoun robbery. Chamblin ran the sentences consecutively, for a total of 18 years, and also made them consecutive to the prison time Rogers received from Fairfax County.

As for Young, during an early-February jury trial, he was found guilty of both Loudoun County bank robberies and was sentenced June 15. For each robbery charge, Chamblin sentenced him to 15 years in prison, with five years suspended.

YOUNG ALSO received five-year, suspended sentences for each charge of conspiracy to commit robbery. The judge then ran each of Young's 10-year robbery sentences consecutively, for 20 years total.

Young will return to Fairfax County Circuit Court, June 25 and July 10, for trials for the two bank robberies in Chantilly. In all five crimes, police say Rogers actually committed the robberies and Young drove the getaway car.

But they weren't apprehended until April 16, 2006, when Prince William police nabbed the pair after a reported carjacking of an SUV in Manassas. They were captured when they crashed the vehicle.

The carjacking charge was dropped in November. But — knowing that Rogers is now facing 42 years in prison for bank robbery — Prince William went easy on him. On May 31 in Prince William Circuit Court, Judge Lonnie Farris sentenced Rogers to time served in that county's jail — six weeks and three days — for hit-and-run and eluding a law-enforcement officer.