Brindley Concert among Friends, Family

Brindley Concert among Friends, Family

Jammin Java performance brings together enthusiastic crowd.


A window reflects Luke Brindley and his band rehearsing before his concert at Jammin Java on Friday, June 20.


Luke Brindley released his new five-song E.P. on Friday, June 20, at a concert at Jammin Java café.

Luke Brindley is a musician and a storyteller, but also a family man who brings his music to a community that embraces him.

On Thursday, June 26, Brindley performed with his band at his café, Jammin Java, to a crowd of more than 200 people. The crowd was beyond a typical concert crowd, who simply go to enjoy great music and a relaxing atmosphere — the crowd was close family and friends. It was obvious that Brindley probably knew over half the people in the crowd, and soon met the other half after the concert ended.

Only at a venue like Jammin Java and a band like Brindley’s will one see a little child running up to their dad, Jared Bartlett, who plays lead guitar before and during the show to help him set up his equipment. Brindley asked the crowd how they were feeling after one of his songs, and another child responded, "I’m tired!"

Brindley’s show promoted his newly released "five-song E.P." The two-hour show also offered songs from his self-titled album released a year and a half ago.

The new songs are intricately simple. Brindley’s song "Loving Arms" revolves around a basic blues shuffle pattern on a C-chord. Throw in a pinch of organ and a straightforward bass line, and another great melody creates itself.

Brindley’s performance of "Dervish" — an instrumental song based around Turkish roots brought the crowd into a trance. Accents from Brindley’s brother, Daniel’s, hand-drum began a crescendo and the audience cheered and clapped before the song’s abrupt end, resulting in an eruption of applause.

To purchase Brindley’s self-titled CD, go to the iTune’s Music Store online or Jammin Java’s.