Five questions with Yorktown pitcher Dean Johnson

<b>Q: What location is the farthest from the Washington D.C. metro area that you’ve traveled?</b>

A: California. I was visiting some schools.

<b>Q: Who is your favorite music artist?</b>

A: Da BackWudz. I like their beats.

<b>Q: You make yearly visits to your father’s hometown of Milwaukee. How would you describe Milwaukee to someone who’s never been there?</b>

A: The downtown area is real dead. It doesn’t seem like there’s much to do out there.

<b>Q: What’s your favorite food?</b>

A: Pizza [with] bacon, sausage and cheese.

<b>Q: What’s the best feeling you can have during a baseball game?</b>

A: Definitely throwing a shutout and getting a win.

— Jon Roetman