Take a Bite

Take a Bite

Hopsfrog Grille offers great food and a friendly atmosphere.

According to manager Maria Daskalakis, Hopsfrog Grille offers a little bit of everything.

“Mostly American, but you can find Mediterranean, Greek, Mexican sometimes, Italian and Cajun,” she said. “We have the best burgers in town.”

The restaurant is divided into two sides, the bar and the dining room by a windowed wall. The bar is dimly lit with several televisions providing customers with sports programming and news. The dining area has a backdrop mural of an outdoor scene in the Mediterranean that fits the atmosphere perfectly.

“We’re fairly busy through the weekend. It’s a family restaurant,” said Daskalakis. “We have a typical bar with happy hour from 3-7 Monday through Friday and live music on Wednesdays.”

“It’s a family atmosphere,” said Tony Suver, a bartender at Hopsfrog. “A lot of regulars on both sides, the bar and the dining room. At the bar we get customers all the time, mostly regulars. I’d say it’s a Cheers kind of atmosphere everybody knows your name, everybody knows each other.”