Insiders: Don’t Overlook Senior Center

Insiders: Don’t Overlook Senior Center

In a recent issue of the Mount Vernon Gazette, Supervisor Gerald Hyland sponsored a workshop and bus tour in connection with the Mount Vernon District Visioning Task Force. In his remarks, he said he “would like to see more facilities like the Hollin Hall Senior Center open in other areas … we have to make sure all of our seniors have something available to them like this.”

This Center is truly a hidden gem that seems yet to be discovered! With its 28th anniversary, Hollin Hall now has over 700 registered and active members which increases to approximately 1,800 with all the various clubs that continue to meet there.

The staff is excellent, headed by Julie Ellis, the director, and the 12-member Advisory Council. (Council members are behind the ever-popular Annual Bazaar and wonderful Silent Auction, which are well supported by our local businesses each October, and not to be missed!)

Classes, clubs, programs and activities are primarily organized and led by many talented and dedicated volunteers and you just wish there was more time to take advantage of all that’s offered. For example, with over 100 activities, there are at least six levels of computer classes, four different bridge groups, eight types of exercise groups, including Tai Chi, four different dance classes and the list goes on and on.

For anyone 55 and over, the Hollin Hall Senior Center, known as “The Clubhouse of Senior Centers” is a fun place to be! The annual fee is $48 and they’re located at 1500 Shenandoah Road, Alexandria. I love the fact that this Center is conveniently located right here in the Hollin Hall, Mount Vernon area, and events are always going on.