Summer Fun: The Legacy Continues

Summer Fun: The Legacy Continues

Restaurants come and go, and according to the SBA, restaurants only have a 20 percent chance of surviving two years. But that didn’t stop the Qreitem brothers from opening the Backyard Grill & Bar in Chantilly 15 years ago.

Now known as the "Backyard Grill," it began under the ownership of brothers, Robbie and Freddy Qreitem. They continue a legacy of quality food and service going back almost 40 years. It all began in the early 1970s by their father Sam Qreitem who opened what became the Black Orchid Restaurant with his two brothers, Tony and Freddy, in Annandale.

Over the years they have endured the ups and downs of good and bad economies and the challenges of regulation changes. With all of that in play, there was still an ongoing demand by the locals for someone to provide better entertainment and a place with special ambiance; a place to relax and enjoy. The brothers accommodated with the addition of their outdoor patio.

To meet the growing demand of the public, the Qreitems added an outdoor bar area and expanded the patio, providing a variety of live entertainment, including local talent, DJ’s and occasional visits from local radio station personalities.

The Backyard Grill has also supported numerous local charities, schools and sports programs around the area. Many of these schools and local businesses insist on holding their annual parties and events at the Backyard Grill. They are also a member of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Just over two years ago, the Qreitems opened a second Backyard Grill location in Manassas, which is being run by Freddy Qreitem. They also recently opened two Rotisserie Chicken restaurants; one in South Riding and the other in Manassas. But the biggest change is the massive new renovation/remodel taking place at the Chantilly location. When completed, the bar will be expanded and will connect to the outdoor patio. This will be made possible by two 16-foot doors, that when opened will create a unique casual dining experience in Northern Virginia. They will reveal a brand new smoke-free dining room with a separate lounge area that will also be smoke free. The new bar is trimmed out with a granite top and wood trimming and nine HD TV’s displayed across the back bar. Even the restrooms have been completely refinished with a clean new look. The décor throughout the restaurant is provided by artist, Frances Rauch of FR Design.

Their Grand Re-Opening event will take place Friday, July 9 through Sunday July 11. Live entertainment will include the "Sports Junkies" from 106.7 The Fan sports radio.