Arlington Sports Briefs: Overlee Beats Hamlet, Improves to 4-0

Arlington Sports Briefs: Overlee Beats Hamlet, Improves to 4-0

The Overlee Flying Fish hosted the Green Feet from Hamlet Swim Club on July 17 and emerged from the meet with their fourth dual meet victory of the summer. Overlee swimmers posted best times of the summer in 39 percent of the races and won 26 of 38 individual events and 10 of 12 relays to cruise to a 271.5 – 130.5 win. The 4-0 record keeps Overlee tied with Chesterbrook atop the Division 1 standings and sets up the showdown for first place when Overlee visits Chesterbrook next Saturday.

In the Hamlet meet, the Overlee boys and girls each won 18 events with 13 individual event winners and five relay wins. Seven sweeps highlighted the individual events. Overlee raced to a 70-20 lead after the freestyle events, led by sweeps in the 11-12 girls and the 13-14 girls. The 8U boys led off the backstroke events with a sweep and the 13-14 girls and 15-18 girls swept as well to increase the lead to 122.5 to 57.5. The Flying Fish took 60 of 90 points in the breaststroke events with the 11-12 girls adding their second sweep of the meet. The 13-14 girls swept the fly, their third sweep of the meet, to lead the charge to a commanding 221.5-120.5 lead heading into the relays. Ten relay wins capped off the 271.5-130.5 victory.

The young Fish, the old Fish, the boy Fish, and the girl Fish all performed well as Overlee scored the majority of points in nine of 10 age groups. The 8U boys had the highest winning percentage as they won 30 of 32 points. The 13-14 girls were right behind with 38 of 41 points. The other age groups outscoring their Hamlet opponents were the 11-12 girls (30 of 41), the 13-14 boys (29 of 32), the 9-10 girls (26 of 41), the 15-18 girls (25.5 of 41), the 11-12 boys (25 of 41), the 9-10 boys (24 of 41), and the 8&under girls (18 of 32). Overlee had seven double winners: Ryan Baker (11-12 boys free and fly), Nicholas Brooks (15-18 boys back and fly), Suzanne Dolan (11-12 girls free and breast), Izzy Pasternak (13-14 girls free and fly), Robert Ridgeway (8U boys free and back), Rachel Robertson (13-14 girls back and breast), and Kaitlin Wolla (15-18 girls free and back). Twelve single event winners for Overlee included John Aldinger (9-10 boys breast), Jonathan Day (9-10 boys back), Paul Kinsella (8U boys breast), Nick Morales (11-12 boys breast), John Murphy (13-14 boys breast), Brenna Neuman (8&under girls breast), Abigail Ortmayer (15-18 girls breast), Kayle Park (9-10 girls breast), Nick Pasternak (9-10 boys fly), Maria Polise (8U girls free), Ellie Ridgeway (9-10 girls free), and Jack Schrider (13-14 boys free).

As the final home Saturday meet of the summer, 12 graduating seniors were recognized as they near the end of their Overlee swim teams days (as swimmers, at least). The graduating seniors with their college destinations are Thomas Coleman-Houff (Virginia Military Institute), Collin Condron (Virginia Commonwealth University), Jonathan Cox (Virginia Commonwealth University), Katie Gentsch (Rollins College), Allison Ham (College of Wooster), Stephanie Hitchcock (Virginia Tech), Libby Kane (North Carolina State University), Rachel Locke (University of Virginia), Ben Names (Virginia Tech), Abigail Ortmayer (University of Kentucky), Olivia Shipley (Virginia Tech), and Kaitlin Wolla (University of Delaware).

The All-Star Relay Carnival follows is July 21 at Hayfield Farms where Overlee has 21 relay entries. The Chesterbrook next Saturday is the final dual meet of the summer and determines the Division 1 champion.

<b>Overlee Finishes Second At Division 1 Relay Carnival</b>

The Division 1 teams gathered at Chesterbrook on July 14 for the Relay Carnival. It was a night for fast times as 13 team records (amongst all the teams) and four NVSL Relay Carnival records were broken. The Overlee swimmers broke four team records, but it was not enough to hold off the Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks, who broke six of their team records and set three NVSL records. Chesterbrook won the meet with 246 points to break the three-year Overlee win streak at the Carnival. Overlee finished second with 212 points. The remaining teams, in order of finish, were Tuckahoe (162), Fairfax Station (144), Hamlet Swim Club (102), and Vienna Aquatic Club (86).

Overlee swimmers won three relays, finished second 13 times, and added three third-place finishes. The 11-12 girls picked up two of the victories to lead the girls to the highest point total on the girls’ side (114 for Overlee to 110 for Tuckahoe and 96 for Chesterbrook). The 13-14 boys from Overlee claimed first place in the 200 freestyle relay to prevent a Chesterbrook sweep of all the boys relays. The Overlee boys picked up a total of 98 points, second only to the 150 points scored by Chesterbrook. The first team record was set in the boys mixed age 200 free relay when the team of Ryan Baker, Nick Pasternak, Andrew Loranger, and Torey Ortmayer swam a 1 minute, 52.88 seconds to knock more than two seconds off the 2001 record time of 1:55.07 set by Ethan Hitchcock, Tyler Gehrs, Rafi Swann, and Brendan Miller. The Boys 9-10 100 medley relay team of Jonathan Day, John Aldinger, Pasternak, and John Thomas Dolan lowered the record time to 11:08.34 to beat the old record of 1:11.50 set earlier this summer by Day, Aldinger, Pasternak, and Sam Ellison. The 15-18 girls joined the record-breaking action when the 200 medley relay team of Katie Bennett, Abigail Ortmayer, Kaitlin Wolla, and Olivia Shipley put up a 2:05.03 and broke the 2008 record of 2:06.27 set by Wolla, Ortmayer, Emma Leheney, and Kristen Wolla. The 9-10 boys team of Pasternak, Day, Aldinger, and Dolan returned to set their second record of the day in the 100 free relay with a time of 1:01.93 to surpass the 2007 record of 1:03.93 by Baker, Rob Meyer, Loranger, and Timothy Aldinger.

Overlee goes from being the hunted to being the hunter when they travel to the All-Star Relays on July 21 at Hayfield Farms. Overlee, along with Chesterbrook, qualified a league-high 21 relays.

<b>DRRA Beats Dunn Loring</b>

The Donaldson Run Recreation Association swim team defeated Dunn Loring 223-179 in a dual meet on July 17.

William Tarkenton, Greg Croswell and the 13-14 boys medley relay team broke DRRA team records during the meet. Tarkenton recorded a time of 30.06 seconds in the 15-18 boys backstroke, breaking Dan Killeri’s 2005 record. Croswell swam a 31.93 in the 15-18 boys breaststroke, breaking his own 2009 record. The relay team of Bryan Meade, Jack Storrs, Christian Tiernan and Andrew Fleckenstein broke a 2008 record.

DRRA swept seven events during the meet: 8U boys free, back and breast, 15-18 boys back and breast and 15-18 girls breast and fly.

DRRA double winners were: Daniel Brooks (8U free and back), Tiernan (13-14 boys free and fly), Billy Cowden (15-18 boys free, fly) and Carly Hinkle (15-18 girls free, fly). DRRA single winners were: Emily Brooks (9-10 girls back), Shelby Tarkenton (15-18 girls back), Kerry Meade (9-10 girls breast), Donia Nichols (13-14 girls breast), Eryn Hurley (15-18 girls breast), Anastasia Gustafson (13-14 girls fly), Andrew Walker (11-12 boys free), Bryan Meade (13-14 boys back), Williams Tarkenton (15-18 boys back), Peter Flackenstein (8U boys breast), Storrs (13-14 boys breast) and Crosswell (15-18 boys breast).

DRRA also won seven relays: 8U 100 boys free (Daniel Brooks, Christopher Rita, John Sloan, John Hodges), 9-10 girls 100 medley (Julia Fayer, Kerry Meade, Emily Brooks, Claire Griffen), 13-14 boys 100 medley (Bryan Meade, Storrs, Tiernan, Fleckenstein), 13-14 girls 100 medley (Gustafson, Nichols, Amanda Tarkenton, Tessa O’Hara), 15-18 boys 200 medley (William Tarkenton, Croswell, Billy Codwen, Peter Ballen), 15-18 girls 200 medley (Shelby Tarkenton, Ann Carpenter, Carly Hinkle, Lydia Carpenter), girls mixed age 200 free (Margaret Saunders, Kerry Meade, Gustafson, Lydia Carpenter).

<b>Dominion Hills Loses to Mantua</b>

The Dominion Hills swim team fell short against Mauntua, 268-124 on July 17. Double winners for Dominion Hills were: Grayson Jazwick (9-10 boys fly and breast) and Sophia Moses (11-12 girls back and fly). Single winners were: Mia Landeck (9-10 girls back), Daniel McCreedy (11-12 boys free), Kevin Morris-Larkin (8U boys free), Eric Weiner (11-12 boys fly), Kara Fox (11-12 men’s fly), James Hughes (13-14 boys free), Abby Young (15-18 girls back) and Matthew Ellis (13-14 boys breast).

During the Division 8 carnival relay, the Dominion Hills 15-18 women’s 200 medley relay team set a team record with a time of 2 minutes, 17.31 seconds. Team members were: Young, Haley Sanner, Devon Harkins and Erinn Spack.