Five Questions with T.C. Williams Senior Outfielder/Pitcher Matt Kilby

Five Questions with T.C. Williams Senior Outfielder/Pitcher Matt Kilby


T.C. Williams senior outfielder/pitcher Matt Kilby.

<b>Q: You have several Division I schools recruiting you. What are you most looking forward to about the transition to college baseball?</b>

A: You get to travel [and] you really get to experience competition at a new level. … You go up against a pitcher in high school, it could be someone’s ace or it could be some kid who only plays baseball in the spring. In college, you’re facing the ace of every high school baseball team.

<b>Q: Your top choices at the moment are Navy and Harvard. How do you balance academics with athletics?</b>

A: It’s hard. You’ve got to make some sacrifices. Maybe you can’t go out on a Friday night. I’ve gotten good at it: go home, do your homework, go to practice and do your homework. … My mom, dad, they’ve always told me academics get you into college. That’s why I’m looking at schools such as Naval Academy and Harvard.

<b>Q: What do you like to do outside of baseball?</b>

A: Hang out with the guys. A lot of my best friends are on this team.

<b>Q: Do you have a favorite baseball team?</b>

A: The Boston Red Sox. … I went to a Red Sox game when I was really young and fell in love with the team.

<b>Q: How do you baseball players get through the cold weather?</b>

A: Bundle up, try to hit inside has much as we can after practice. … You’ve got to get extra work in.

— Jon Roetman