Meet Comedian Jeff Dye

Meet Comedian Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye will appear at the Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike) on Friday, June 3 at 9:55 p.m. and Saturday, June 4 at 9:55 p.m.

Jeff Dye grew up in Kent, Wash., and started comedy at Giggles Comedy Club in Seattle. His big break came from "Last Comic Standing," where he took third place on Season 6. He followed that up with performances on TBS and Comedy Central, and currently has an upcoming show on MTV.

Pike Wire ( interviewed Jeff Dye about averting the rapture and chasing his dreams outside of the food service industry.

Pike Wire: How did you get your start as a comic?

Jeff Dye: I was working at a restaurant and had recently dropped out of college and didn't know what I was gonna do with my life. A good friend (Ronny Wilson) that I lead Young Life with sat me down and encouraged me to follow my dreams unless my dream was to work at a restaurant. I told him I wanted to be a comedian and he said "what are you waiting for?"

Everybody might not like my comedy but it is different. I'm young, I'm a clean comic and I don't joke about sex or crass things, which nowadays is rare.

PW: Who are some of your favorite comedians?

JD: Kermit Apio, Brian Reegan, and Harland Williams.

PW: What about sitcoms, what do you watch?

JD: "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "30 Rock," "Dog Bites Man," and "Community."

PW: In your act you have said previously that you don't take sides politically. Have you added any political bits to your act since then?

JD: I have added things about politics to my act but it's mostly more about my confusion and insecurities with politics.

PW: Do you have any plans to see any of the sites while in the D.C. area like the Washington Monument, White House or the Asian massage parlor a block down from where you will be performing?

JD: All three, some of them twice.

PW: Your show "Money From Strangers" is coming out on MTV. We imagine it is about pregnant 16-year-olds in New Jersey and nothing to do with music. What else can you tell us about it?

JD: It's a show where I prank strangers using strangers. I put an earpiece in their ear and they have to go into places and do whatever I tell them.

PW: You tweeted to God, asking him to "reschedule this whole rapture thing due to your fun year ahead." What do you have lined up now that your prayer was answered?

JD: "Money from Strangers," I'm a new designer on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition," I have a beautiful niece I'm gonna hang with, I'm going to London next week, and I'm (conducting this interview) from a resort in Tarun, Mexico (south of Cancun) right now. Soooo thanks God.