Hunger Cravings


— D'Arcy Sampson (red hair) and friend Hannah Bunting prepare for the midnight premiere of the mega-hit "The Hunger Games" last week at Fairfax Corner’s Rave Motion Picture theaters. "There were huge crowds and we had to wait in line for a few hours. Thankfully we pre-ordered our tickets, because it was sold out," Sampson said. She dressed up with two of her friends as characters Venia, Octavia, and Flavius, the Katniss’ crazy stylists. "I was Venia, with the orange hair, and Hannah was Octavia, with green skin. The movie itself was great, but I don't think that it did justice to the book, as pretty much no movie could," Sampson said. She said the best part of the experience was just being with a crowd excited to see the film. "I can't wait for the second movie to come out." The Hunger Games raked in $152.5 million at the box office its opening weekend, making the Lionsgate blockbuster the third biggest opening of all time. The PG-13 rated movie is about a dystopian future, in which children are forced to fight to the death in annual, televised "Hunger Games."