Herrity Recovering Well from Open-Heart Surgery

Herrity Recovering Well from Open-Heart Surgery

“Famous sense of humor” intact, friends say.

After undergoing open-heart surgery last week, Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) is recovering well, and his “famous sense of humor is intact,” according to friends and family members.

“He was able to walk a couple of laps around the ward yesterday and is making good progress. He also wanted to wish everyone a belated happy Easter,” said communications director John Nolan.

Herrity, 52, underwent surgery to repair a cardiovascular defect Thursday, April 5 at Inova’s Heart and Vascular Institute. The surgery was performed by Dr. Alan Spier and Dr. Niv Ad, who informed the supervisor’s family that the surgery went smoothly, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the surgeons, it will be four to six weeks before Herrity can resume everyday activities.

In November of 2011, Herrity said he began having abnormal heart rhythms called atrial fibrillation (A-Fib). While A-Fib itself is not dangerous, and he did not have a heart attack or any heart damage, his doctors discovered an aortic aneurysm, a potentially life-threatening condition. After consulting with his doctors, Herrity said he made the decision to have both conditions addressed in surgery.

According to his staff, Herrity was in good spirits before the surgery, and he released the following statement:

“I am optimistic about the surgery and look forward to working towards a full recovery. I am fortunate to be young for a heart surgery patient; I am active, regularly swimming and playing ice hockey; I have two world-class surgeons performing the procedure, and I have the love and support of my wonderful family and many friends and supporters. It is truly amazing how many people have come up to me to wish me their best and tell me that they too have had heart surgery. It is very encouraging.”

Herrity’s staff will be posting updates about his recovery through email and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. To subscribe to those feeds, visit www.facebook.com/patherrity and www.twitter.com/patherrity. Send cards to: The West Springfield Governmental Center, 6140 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152.