Appreciates BZA Decision

Appreciates BZA Decision

To the Editor:

Excellent reporting as usual by Michael Lee Pope in April 18 edition of Alexandria Gazette. We agree with the decision by Alexandria BZA that the City Planning Department ignored the plain language of its own zoning code and used creative interpretations "as a ruse to avoid public participation."

My wife and I have lived in the West End in Alexandria for 33 years. We are deeply concerned about the pace of growth in Alexandria. We have never seen such fervor on the council for growth. Most of the current council members seem not to care about the views of their constituents, most of whom are strongly opposed to further densification of the city.

We are thankful for the Board of Zoning Appeal’s recent decision regarding the Waterfront plan and hope that the City Council will now defeat this plan when it comes back up for vote. This will let us know that the City Council is indeed finally listening to its constituents.

Charles Schwidde