‘A Delicious Bite of Knowledge’

‘A Delicious Bite of Knowledge’

The eight graders at H-B Woodlawn and their 23’x15’ cupcake map of the world.

The eight graders at H-B Woodlawn and their 23’x15’ cupcake map of the world. Photo by Louise Krafft.

More than 2,750 cupcakes made up the H-B Woodlawn eighth graders’ map of the world. The students constructed the map Thursday, April 19 in the school auditorium. Conceptualized by Salome Gongadze, she drew out a map on graph paper. Niles Rogoff took the map and made a computerized version. The eighth graders perfected the details. The colors of the map are based on a satellite view of the earth, Green land masses, blue water, white ice and a sandy-colored desert. The eighth graders made cupcakes with green frosting for the land. Harris Teeter at the Lee-Harrison Shopping center and Sprinkles Cupcakes of Georgetown donated the white cupcakes to make Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. Parker Longsworth and his mother Rebecca baked 420 cupcakes to create the deserts of the world and part of the ocean. The rest of the oceans were donated by members of the H-B Woodlawn community. As part of the project each student researched a geographical question of interest: Why do burial rituals vary from country to country? Why is Greenland ice? Why is Iceland green? Why are pagodas common in Japan? Why are rivers so important in Bangladesh? Why is there a strong Chinese influence in Peru?

During the afternoon the eight graders took up position at question displays. As the other classes came in to view the completed map. they were given a scavenger hunt list. Find the answers to nine of the questions on the lists and receive a coupon for a cupcake on Friday.