Great Falls Insiders Perspective

Great Falls Insiders Perspective

What are the greatest things about living in Great Falls?

The view of the Potomac River from Riverbend Park.

The view of the Potomac River from Riverbend Park. Photo by Shannon McCullough/The Connection


Anne Montgomery, librarian at Great Falls Public Library, 36 year resident

“There’s a lot to like about Great Falls, but I would say my favorite part is the feeling of community here. For instance, here at the library people come for books, but they also use it as a place for meeting and gathering together. It makes it more than just a library. I feel like I’m connected with my town in a place like Great Falls.”

--Anne Montgomery

Librarian at Great Falls Public Library

36 year resident


Kevin Nejad, employee at Great Falls Starbucks/student at Northern Virginia Community College, 8 year resident

“I really appreciate the fact that living around here is safe. I can walk around without worrying about trouble. I also like the general attitude of the people here. Everyone who walks into where I work is nice and down to earth, and it’s also cool to have repeat customers. It makes you feel the association here.”

--Kevin Nejad

College student at Northern Virginia Community College

Great Falls Starbucks employee

eight year resident


Rashad Shakib, Langley High School student/Great Falls Safeway employee, 9 year resident

“My favorite part about our town is being able to play in the Great Falls basketball league each winter. It’s nice to be able to play with the same kids every year, and we get closer each season. It’s also a way for me to get involved with my community, because I think that sports are important here. I also like working in Great Falls Village because I see friends and families that I know every day. It’s impossible to come to the Village and not recognize somebody.”

--Rashad Shakib

Langley High School student

Great Falls Safeway Employee

nine year resident


Diane Strahan, consultant, 15 year resident

“I like that they’ve done an excellent job preserving the historical aspects of this community with places like the Colvin Run Mill. We don’t have skyrise buildings or huge roads—it’s scenic instead of commercialized. I also like visiting the parks like Riverbend and the Great Falls.”

--Diane Strahan


15 year resident


Ashley Irvin, student at James Madison University/veterinary assistant at the Great Falls Animal Hospital, 4 year resident

“I moved here from Southern California, and living here is very different. I like that it’s smaller in Great Falls because it makes the town much more close-knit. All of my friends live near me, and that I can walk to work from my house because everything is accessible and close by. My co-workers are also Great Falls residents, so we hang out from time to time. Saying goodbye to everyone here before college was definitely sad, and I’ll miss it.”

--Ashley Irvin

James Madison University student

Great Falls Animal Hospital veterinary assistant

four year resident