Neighborhoods: Taylor Run

Neighborhoods: Taylor Run


Carrying on a tradition started by the late Marion Galland in the late ‘60s when she threw a party to thank all those who helped her win an election, Sherry Brown, Harlene Clayton, Vola Lawson, Lucy Thomson, Marian Van Landingham, Lois Walker and Krista Watters threw a party for several hundred active Alexandria women. Lucy, husband Arthur Peabody, and daughter Liz Peabody provided the venue.

Audrey Davis, of the Black History Museum, informed me that the current exhibit concerns Kathleen Stafford, the artist whose life story is now seen in the film Argo. Sharon Annear and Lou Cook were there, as was Jean Neibauer. She told me that her son Patrick is coming home for Christmas from Boston with wife Betsy and children. Slava is attending university in New Jersey. Sandy Modell, head of DASH, was present. Audrey Fleming made me remember the Christmas party many years ago at which Marion Barry showed up wearing a dashiki. Judges Becky Moore and Connie Frogale were there, as was Ellen Brown who is head of ALIVE. Karen Moran attended as well.

Every time I see Alice Morgan I feel I’m participating in history because Alice is the great niece of Maggie Lena Walker, first woman to be head of a bank in this country.


We’ll go around caroling and raising money for Children’s Hospital and enjoying a potluck dinner afterwards on St. Stephen’s Day, Dec. 16. Caroling will leave from 310 Park Road at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.