Letter to the Editor: How Many More Incidents?

Letter to the Editor: How Many More Incidents?

To the Editor:

There is a saying from the Quran that to take one innocent life is to kill all mankind. I cannot begin to fathom what that equates when 20 angelic children and six of their teachers are murdered. As a Muslim I think about what my faith teaches me to love, honor, and respect children. As a student, I cry thinking that those kids will never be in my place to make a sincere difference in this world. As an American, I am far too broken to comprehend why such innocence was taken away so violently. I grew up through Virginia Tech back when I was a freshman at Westfield High School and thought that was the end of it. It cannot possibly be worse than this. Now as a junior in college, I wonder how many more incidents America will see before as President Obama stated, “meaningful action” is taken.

Saira Bhatti