Letter: More In-state Opportunities

Letter: More In-state Opportunities

Letter to the Editor

— To the Editor:

Virginia has the best schools in the country. Regrettably the admissions process at schools like Virginia Tech, James Madison University, or University of Virginia have become so competitive for in-state students that these top tier schools seem unattainable. As students, we want to earn a phenomenal education from these well renowned schools in order to succeed in the Virginia workforce. To get to where we need to go to be successful, we need degrees from schools like University of Virginia. When we are forced to go to private colleges or out of state universities instead, the costs to obtain our degrees can double or even triple what an in-state college would cost.

Barbara Comstock is in favor of helping us obtain these goals; she is cosponsoring House Bill 1083, More In-State Students in our Virginia Schools. It is exciting to hear that Delegate Comstock is working hard to ensure Virginians succeed in the working world. By attending these institutions we will be able to stay close to home thus ensuring that the Virginia workforce will benefit from these highly educated students.

Macy Anderson

Senior at Langley High School