Letter: Prompt Action, Good Work

Letter: Prompt Action, Good Work

I am writing to commend the City of Alexandria’s Office of Environmental Quality for its prompt response to a concern I passed along to them this past Wednesday, Feb. 15.

That morning, I was walking my dog in the Chinquapin woods, like I do every weekday just before dawn. On this particular morning, I came across several large pools of sludge that were on one of the main trails running along the stream in the woods. Above the trail, at the bottom of Kingston Avenue where it dead-ends at the woods, I also noticed a pick-up truck, a pile of pipes, and a storage tank.

I called the Office of Environmental Quality a short time later to say it appeared someone might be illegally dumping something into the woods. A very nice lady took my call, and said they would look into it right away. The next morning at 6:45 am, I bumped into someone from the Office while walking my dog in the woods. He told me they had sent someone out shortly after my call, and determined that subcontractors from a nearby construction project had illegally dumped at least 800 gallons of silt into the woods. The pick-up, pipes, and storage tank, were gone, and a silt fence had been erected along the trail to keep the sludge from going into the stream. The trail would also be cleaned and restored, all at the expense of the contractor — who, presumably, was also being fined.

The Chinquapin woods are one of the hidden jewels of Alexandria, and are something every City resident should want to preserve and protect. As a City taxpayer, it is good to know the Office of Environmental Quality shares that goal, and that my tax dollars in this regard are being put to good use.

I commend the Office for their prompt action and good work.

Lou Zickar