Divis Wins Watchdog Award

Divis Wins Watchdog Award

Dee Ann Divis, of Arlington, writer for Inside GNSS¸ a magazine that covers global navigation satellite systems, was named the winner of the Society of Professional Journalists Washington, D.C., Professional Chapter's highest journalistic award, the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award which comes with a $1,000 prize.

The Lewis Award is chosen from among all the entries in the Dateline Awards competition. The entries were judged by members of SPJ's three professional chapters in Ohio.

The awards was presented at the SPJ Chapter's annual Dateline Awards banquet at the National Press Club Tuesday night, June 12.

The judge for Divis's categorical entry wrote:

Divis demonstrates a mastery of her subject, handling equally well spot, in-depth reporting with the type of analysis possible only for a reporter in complete command of her subject matter. She translates deeply technical information into layman's language that makes for a compelling read."

The chairman of Ohio's judging panel added:

“Judges from all three Ohio chapters reviewed her work, and concur that her work clearly exemplifies journalism aimed at protecting the public from abuses by those who would betray the public trust.

“Dee Ann Divis has recognized a threat to the general public, disruption of the GPS services that so many people have come to rely on. She has continued to report on this threat in her writings, demonstrating several requisite traits for watchdog journalists. She is alert, analytical, and persistent. She writes with a clarity that informs and is not misunderstood."

Inside GNSS is controlled circulation magazine that reaches an international audience of 35,000. It is owned by Gibbons Media & Research LLC, a privately held company based in Eugene, Ore.