Cooking Up a Safer Home

Cooking Up a Safer Home

— Carmen’s* home often smells of the wonderful flavor of beef, rice, and beans as she cooks her favorite El Salvadorian meal for her family. She has lived in her two-story townhome for 11 years with her father and young daughter and still enjoys cooking for them.

In 2002, Carmen moved into this “very friendly” neighborhood, which is close to her daughter’s school, her job, a community center, and shopping stores. And though her 17-year-old son and mother do not live with her, they live nearby, making family meals and gatherings easy.

Wanting to stay in her home but unable to make needed repairs to it, Carmen asked Rebuilding Together to help. A team of volunteers from The Alexandria Rotary Club helped Carmen and her family stay in her home, safely. The main electrical service was upgraded and new circuits were installed, the kitchen was gutted and upgraded, doors and windows were repaired, walls were painted, the yard was cleared, and ceiling fans installed. “My home is more safe and secure because of the work the volunteers completed,” said Carmen.

With her home recently repaired, Carmen is happy to fill it with the smells of her favorite El Salvadorian meals.

Rebuilding Together Alexandria is an award winning, non-profit organization dedicated to repairing and revitalizing homes at no charge for homeowners in need, including elderly, disabled, military veterans and families. To date, in-kind donations of labor and materials have resulted in $6 million worth of value on more than 1,547 properties. If you would like to apply, volunteer or donate, visit or call 703-836-1021.

  • It is RTA’s organizational policy to not disclose full names.