Sears offers a helping hand

Sears offers a helping hand

To the Editor:

I wanted to write and let the community know of the excellent customer service that the Sears Appliance & Hardware Store at the Franklin Farm location in Herndon, VA gave on Saturday, June 30, 2012!

As a result from the devastating storms the night before, Sears was without power the entire day and yet they decided to remain open to help the community in need. The manager and the employees set up a table out front and escorted customers one by one through the store by flashlight. Many customers also had no power and they were relieved to be able to purchase generators, chain saws, batteries etc. to help them through their own crisis. It’s great to know that people can count on Sears to be there for people when we really need them! Their efforts are very much appreciated! Thank you to a wonderful team at Sears!

Leslie Jeanne Brege

Centerville, VA