Letter: Common Sense And Reason

Letter: Common Sense And Reason

— To the Editor:

I think most Americans agree that our second amendment right is not being curtailed, nor our freedoms limited when we as a people dictate reason. Why is it reasonable to allow any person the right to purchase 6,000 rounds of ammunition and four guns in a two-month period over the internet, when that person never owned a firearm before. However our politicians believe it is reasonable to not allow people the right to purchase, say a flame thrower or surface to air missile. Why? Because it is obvious what the intention is with these types of weapons. But isn't it also reasonable to assume any person buying an AK-47-like semi automatic rifle and 6,000 rounds, is planning something nefarious; it certainly isn't for their protection or for hunting. Common sense dictates otherwise.

Most Americans can agree their right to bear arms was intended for their own personal protection, and for hunting, even for those gun aficionados who like to collection guns. Who really needs a semi automatic for protection or for hunting though? But to allow a purchase of this sort in such a short period of time and to allow this to go unfettered, with no background check or concern for how these weapons will be used, and with no required training; well that lacks common sense.

Common sense also dictates that these mass and senseless killings will continue until politicians “man up” and face what they know is wrong. What is wrong is all the loop holes that exist in the current regulations. [New York City] Mayor Bloomberg is correct, close those loop holes, make the laws that we do have effective or there is no point, or we might as well dive into a world of anarchy.

To solve this problem, we as a nation have to demand more from our politicians and ourselves. Closing the loopholes is only part of the problem however. People need to be more proactive everywhere, we all need to be vigilant and take notice of troubled individuals and weird scenarios, if something seems out of the ordinary, report it. What is appropriate to expect from everyone, starting with our politicians, is to do the right thing, use common sense. Nothing about what led up to this weekend's tragedy in Colorado seemed reasonable. What turned into senseless violence lacked common sense.

Allan Wiley

Mount Vernon