Letter to the Editor: Good Candidates, Good Government

Letter to the Editor: Good Candidates, Good Government

To the Editor:

GSecuring Alexandria's Future (SAF) is a political action committee made up of engaged and knowledgeable residents and many prominent local leaders. iven the number of candidates, complexity of issues facing the city, and with an understanding and belief that electing good candidates results in good government, Securing Alexandria's Future hopes to educate, inform and advise so that people can make informed and intelligent choices on June 12. The candidates we have specifically endorsed — Justin Wilson, Paul Smedberg, Del Pepper, Tim Lovain, John Chapman and Sean Holihan, as well as two outstanding alternative choices in Donna Fossum and Melissa Feld — present a balanced and practical understanding of how our city works, how we pay for a wide range of essential services, how we use our resources effectively and how we continue to maintain quality in education, public safety, transportation, fiscal management and economic sustainability. We applaud the efforts of other PAC's that have formed because they have helped facilitate healthy public debate and conversation about the upcoming primary election.

I urge my fellow Alexandrians to vote for six candidates in the primary election on June 12 because good candidates result in good government for all of us.

David P. Baker