Letter to the Editor: What Moran Stands For

Letter to the Editor: What Moran Stands For

To the Editor:

As someone who is active in the community and the Democratic candidate for Delegate from Virginia’s 42nd district in last year’s election, I offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Congressman Jim Moran in the Democratic Primary on June 12.

In his many years of public service, Congressman Moran has shown that he shares our values and fights for our community. As a senior member of the Defense Appropriation Sub-Committee, he is in a unique position to help our community thrive. He secured $180 million to widen Route 1 through Fort Belvoir and mitigate traffic cause by BRAC relocations. It was Congressman Moran’s fast action in securing $20 million in additional funding for improvements to the area around the MARC Center that staved off a potentially nightmarish traffic situation.

Always a friend of Federal workers, Congressman Moran knows that the economic stability of Northern Virginia is tied to the health of our Federal Workforce and the private businesses that flock to do business here.

As a progressive champion Congressman Moran has been recognized many times for his work in advocacy for human rights, the abolishment of animal cruelty and as an environmental steward. He understands that in an economic downturn it is the worst time to cut the social safety net on our hard-working Americans. He is one of Congress’ fiercest warriors against Tea Party extremism.

As a result of congressional redistricting many more citizens in southern Fairfax County are now part of the VA 8th Congressional District. If you vote at Waynewood Elementary, Stratford Landing Elementary, Washington Mill Elementary, Gunston Elementary, Lorton Library, Lorton Station Elementary, Grace Bible Church, Saratoga Elementary, Woodley Hills Elementary or Riverside Elementary, you are now in the VA 8th district.

I urge you to get out and vote for Congressman Moran on June 12.

Jack Dobbyn