Rotary Hosts Study Exchange Team

Rotary Hosts Study Exchange Team

South Korean group visits Alexandria.


LTA director Roland Brandord Gomez, center, welcomes the GES team from South Korea to the March 6 performance of “Heaven Can Wait.” With him are: Kibeon Park, Lloyd Stoessell, Suk-Kyung Kim, Gomez, Park Chan-Seok, Tom Roberts, Jihyun Kim and Changmok Jim.

— The Rotary Club of Alexandria welcomed a Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team from Gwanjiu City, South Korea, to Northern Virginia March 6 as it hosted the five-person delegation at the organization's weekly luncheon prior to a private reception and performance of “Heaven Can Wait” at The Little Theatre of Alexandria.

“We are very happy to be here in Alexandria,” said team leader Park Chan-Seok. “We are very proud of being Rotarians and a part of helping children around the world.”


Rotary Club President John Woods accepts gifts from South Korean GSE team leader Park Chan-Seok's hometown of Gwanjiu City.

Chan-Seok presented Rotary Club president John Woods with several gifts on behalf of the GSE team members and their hometown in South Korea.

“There are more than 60,000 members of Rotary in South Korea,” Chan-Seok said. “And our president is also a proud Rotarian,” he added, referring to Myung-bak Lee, the former CEO of Hyundai Engineering and mayor of Seoul.


LTA director Roland Branford Gomez, left, welcomes GSE team leader Park Chan-Seok to a special performance of “Heaven Can Wait.”

The GSE team will remain in Alexandria for several days, touring businesses and historic sites such as Mount Vernon Estate.

“We are very thankful to Rotary for hosting us,” said team member Jihyun Kim at the LTA reception, which was sponsored by the Bailey's Crossroads Rotary Club. “It is a very exciting experience for us to share as Rotarians.”