Letter: Serving Constituents

Letter: Serving Constituents

To the Editor:

I find it fascinating that Mr. H. Jay Spiegel appears to have just discovered that Del. Scott Surovell votes (gasp!) left-of-center in the House. Even more entertaining is the implication that, after winning the election with almost 60 percent of the vote, he pulled a Romney-like switcheroo on our “somewhat moderate politically” district. As for those examples that Mr. Spiegel cites as evidence of Del. Surovell’s political malfeasance, they make me more likely, not less likely, to vote for him again next time around. Yes, we absolutely need the estate tax (in what imaginable alternate universe would it be considered fair for a Paris Hilton to inherit daddy’s gazillions without paying tax on it?), and every time I contemplate the plastic bags hanging from my trees along Sherwood Hall Lane, I wonder if perhaps people wouldn’t be such thoughtless slobs if it cost them some cash. Bottom line: I certainly wasn’t laboring under any misconceptions about his political leanings when I voted for Del. Surovell last year; I hope he will continue to do what he’s doing; and I don’t believe I’m the only one who feels that way.

And really, Mr. Spiegel, how can you possibly suggest that any of Del. Surovell’s positions rise to anywhere near the level of “government intrusion in our lives” represented by the infamous “personhood” and “trans-vaginal ultrasound” bills pushed by the GOT (Grand Old Theocracy, formerly the Grand Old Party) this year?

Jeff Carver