Join Urban Agriculture Task Force

Join Urban Agriculture Task Force

A comprehensive urban agriculture policy. That is what Arlington County board member Walter Tejada wants to create for Arlington. A policy that he says "could lead to health and fitness benefits, environmental sustainability and reduced obesity.

A part of this policy would be the "Arlington Egg project," founded by Ed Fendley. Its objective is to modify the county’s ordinances so that people would have the possibility to keep a limited number of hens in their backyard. "More than 1,000 people have signed a petition for our cause," Fendley said. "We want to give people the freedom to produce eggs in their own backyards." He says that backyard hens produce healthier eggs than commercially farmed hens, which would lead to health benefits for the families with backyard hens.

Both Fendley and Tejada says they want to start a community conversation, and both feel that they have much community support.

Tejada wants to create an Urban Agriculture Task Force for Arlington, which would be named officially at some point during March. It could take up to a year before this task force would be able to make any recommendations.

To join the Urban Agriculture Task Force, call 703-228-3130.

— Daniel Elséus