Park Improvements at Mount Eagle Park

Park Improvements at Mount Eagle Park

Residents and local officials will gather on Saturday, May 12, at 10 a.m. to celebrate the completion of improvements at Mount Eagle Park. The 12-acre park recently received a new playground, pavilion and sand volleyball court. A brief ceremony to be held at the pavilion will mark the occasion. Mount Eagle Park is located at 5919 North Kings Highway, Alexandria.

Mount Eagle Park has been available for public use under a lease agreement with Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority since the 1970s. In 2000, Fairfax County approved a rezoning for an urban mixed use development directly adjacent to the Huntington Metro Station that included Mount Eagle Park. WMATA subsequently sold the property to Huntington Metro LLC, the property developer.

The developer committed to restoring the site and dedicated the property to the Park Authority. The redevelopment of the site was completed in consultation with Mount Vernon Supervisor Gerry Hyland, members of the community and the Park Authority.

Representatives from the Pavilions at Huntington Metro, the Montebello Unit Owners Association, and the Jefferson Manor Citizen Association were involved in the process. As part of the park development, the Park Authority received $30,000 from Home Properties to construct a playground on site.

The park contains a variety of amenities which include a picnic pavilion, a volleyball court, a trail system which increases accessibility to surrounding neighborhoods, the playground and the preservation of Civil War fortifications within the park with nearby interpretive signage.