Gail Zukosky Named Virginia Public Health Nurse of the Year

Gail Zukosky Named Virginia Public Health Nurse of the Year

Gail Zukosky

Gail Zukosky Photo Contributed

Gail Zukosky, a public health nurse who serves Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Cluster V schools, has been named Public Health Nurse of the Year by the Virginia Department of Health.

Zukosky, an employee of the Fairfax County Health Department, is known for her passion for working with children with intellectual disabilities.

Zukosky dedicates much of her time working at Key Center, which educates children with emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges. Zukosky’s leadership led to the creation of the Peer to Peer program which partners Key Middle School students with students at Key Center. She trains the students to understand the behaviors and developmental abilities of the Center’s children, which creates lasting relationships and enables the students to better understand children with disabilities.

Zukosky was also recognized for her work as care coordinator and case manager for students at Key Center, for coordinating the school’s dental screening and oral care program and establishing a dental care network for students.