Sign Blight On Route 1

Sign Blight On Route 1

To the Editor:

Someone should sue VDOT for not enforcing its own laws. Yes, there is a law on the books that forbids commercial or other advertising signs along Virginia roads (unless they get permission to do so). The fine is $100 for each sign. If one drives along the Route 1 Corridor from the intersection of I-495/Fort Hunt Road south until Walmart (near where the new Costco will go) there are at least 50 or more signs. Let's do the math: 50 times $100 = $5000. I know VDOT doesn't have the manpower to keep up, but they could hire a firm which would be paid out of the fines — make it a revenue-sharing deal. Win-win for everyone — our community, VDOT and the contractor. In the end, these illegal signs are a blight along this stretch of road that continuously strives to improve. You don't see these signs put up along road in Great Falls or McLean — why should Route 1 or anywhere?

Danny Selnick