Letter: Stop All Illegal Signs

Letter: Stop All Illegal Signs

To the Editor:

Your Oct. 15 article "The Message is Not the Median" is welcomed by so many and this is a first great step in stopping sign pollution along our roadways. Fairfax County should go one step further however, and get permission to go after all those illegal "business" signs that pollute all year round along the Route 1 corridor, Fort Hunt Road and other roadways.

Imagine each fine of $100 collected for each sign. Anyone could easily see that the amount collected would add up to a lot of money for the county -- and could fund all sort of programs. OK, imagine the other side of success — no more illegal signs from local businesses, no more new apartment rental advertisements, and no more "I Buy Cars" and "I buy Houses" posted to VDOT signs that impair drivers’ full vision of the roadway. Why stop with the politicians? Stopping illegal signs is a win-win for the county and its residents.

Danny Selnick