Letter: Anti-advertisment

Letter: Anti-advertisment

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To the Editor:

As you drive down our roads, it is worthy to recall Michael

Lee Pope’s October 18th article, “The Message is not the Median: Fairfax Roadsides Now Free of Political Speech.”

In that article, Springfield Republican Delegate David Albo touted his new legislation that, according to Springfield Republican Supervisor Pat Herrity, clearly addressed and outlawed the posting of political placards in the medians on Fairfax County roads, which have “bothered people for a

number of years.”

“When I see a political sign, to me that’s an anti-advertisement,” said Albo. “Here’s a person who is running to write laws, and they are purposefully violating laws.”

Just before I received an e-mail from the Republican Party asking me to join Delegate Albo at the Springfield Baskin Robbins to campaign for Republican candidates, I saw this long line of 18 George Allen signs in the median just outside my neighborhood, one of many remarkably similar large groupings of Allen signs up and down the median in Braddock Road.

Unlike the very few scattered signs for other candidates, you can tell these placards were placed by an organized campaign by how many there are (they are expensive) and by the way they are spaced, maintained and moved around as part of a strategy to ensure that they are noticed.

I agree with Delegate Albo on one thing at least: we should not be voting for the candidate whose name is on these signs.

Marc Greidinger