Brief: Gingerbread Activities at Deer Park Elementary

Brief: Gingerbread Activities at Deer Park Elementary

The Gingerbread Man will help K-2 students at Deer Park Elementary learn about school geography and the staff members when local author Laura Murray comes to share her book, “The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School,” Dec. 12, at 9 a.m.

Students will enjoy an interactive presentation by Murray in the school’s library, where they’ll learn how a determined and resourceful gingerbread man — inadvertently left behind at recess by the students who made him — will find his way to them. He’ll traverse the school and meet many helpful staff members along the way.

Beginning after Thanksgiving break, Deer Park kindergarteners will be using gingerbread-themed activities to learn math, reading, writing and problem solving. A giant gingerbread house will be erected outside the classrooms and used by the students as a special, quiet place to read.

Students will also hunt for the runaway gingerbread man. Each classroom will decorate a giant cookie, which will secretly disappear. Students will guess where the cookie could be and will eventually find it within the school.