Letter: Who’ll Take Time To Help?


Letter: Who’ll Take Time To Help?

To The Editor:

What ever happened to the gentleman that drove off into the city streets of Alexandria after falling down in the Safeway on South Royal Street on Oct. 4 sometime after 6 p.m.?

Before he fell, I saw him entering the store as I was getting a shopping cart. I had stood there awhile and had a conversation with a person who went on into the store. A few minutes later I went in, and the next thing I knew the lady I had just spoken with was yelling for someone to call for an ambulance.

I was still near the entrance of the store in the fruit and vegetable area and went over to see. As I was walking over, I saw blood and called 911.

I spoke with the 911 dispatcher of the Alexandria Police Department that an elderly man needed medical attention. I gave the location and gave as much detail as possible about the man laying on the floor in blood and that the more he tried to get up more blood was sighted.

This 5-minute call seemed like hours.

The man was bleeding from his chin and wiped his handkerchief across his face. He did his best to get up off the floor as many stood and watched and told him not to get up. The man said he was OK but blood left a line on the floor as he walked out of the store as if taking baby steps. When he got into his vehicle after leaning against it a while, he then drove slowly off as if it was his first time driving.

When do we turn our face to look away and not get involved? Who'll take time to help?

Geri Baldwin