Letter: New Meaning to Trashing Competition


Letter: New Meaning to Trashing Competition

To the Editor:

Last weekend, a Stratford Landing neighbor phoned me and informed me that three campaign signs had been stolen from his front lawn. There is a dumpster near his home and when he looked into it, he found at least 20 signs thrown in there, all for Republican candidates. It is sad that citizens who presumably cherish the First Amendment and its free speech protections decide to break the law by trespassing on the property of others and stealing their private property which is expressing their political views.

If you disagree with your neighbor's political views, don't express your disagreement by becoming a criminal. Instead, obtain your own signs and display them on your own property. Obtain bumper stickers and display them on your vehicle. At the Farmers' Market at Sherwood Hall Library each Wednesday, there are tables populated by supporters of the two major political parties. They are giving away campaign signs and bumper stickers there.

Let's display some civility in our political disagreements. That's the American way!

H. Jay Spiegel

Mount Vernon