Letter: Important Choices

Letter: Important Choices

To the Editor:

This November's election is one of the most critical in a long, long time because it's a choice between freedom and opportunity or big government, more dependency and loss of freedom.

During the last four years, dependency has increased substantially. People looking for work or underemployed total 23 million forcing them to apply for food stamps and/or unemployment compensation. Food stamp recipients total 47 million or a 17 million increase since the current administration took office. Individuals on food stamps and/or unemployment compensation are restricted from fully taking care of themselves and/or their families and realizing their dreams for success because of limited income. Also, dependency generally restricts freedom of speech because persons are reluctant to speak out for fear of losing benefits. Further, freedoms are lost when big government dictates what we can eat or not eat, drink and what light bulbs we must use. Moreover, constitutional freedoms are restricted when government dictates and forces religious organizations to provide free contraceptives even though it is against their religious beliefs and finally, if you don't have health insurance, Obamacare forces you to buy health insurance or be taxed. Freedom of choice is gone.

We need to elect persons who have experience promoting hands up and not dependency or hand outs and who promote opportunities for everyone who want to work and achieve and lead a good life free from government mandates.

Keep in mind whether big government and dependency or opportunities and freedoms are the answers when voting in November. The future is in you hands.

Frank Medico

Mount Vernon