Letter: Important Balance

Letter: Important Balance

To the Editor:

As I head to the polls on Nov. 6, there is one candidate who will surely get my vote, and I encourage other Alexandrians to do the same. First term Councilman Frank Fannon has been a true asset to the City Council over the past three years. Fannon is a lifelong Alexandrian who has worked and been involved in civic life for over 20 years. He brings an important balance that is needed in local government. He is a straight shooter, sticks to the point and is realistic about the issues facing Alexandria.

During the debate season, Fannon was clearly the leader of the 12 candidates. He has a command of the facts and the knowledge to continue to be a leader in the city. Fannon, who received the most votes in the May 2009 election on any candidate seeking re-election, is up against a November election where many citizens will be voting along Party lines with high voter turnout expected. Make sure you vote Fannon to support balance in Alexandria.

John Keegan