Letter: Must Work with Republicans


Letter: Must Work with Republicans

— To the Editor:

Congratulations to Rob Krupicka for winning the nomination in the Democratic Primary for the 45th District House of Delegates. It is widely anticipated that he will win the Sept. 4 election against his Republican opponent in this heavily Democratic district.

As an independent voter in Alexandria, I am disappointed with Krupicka’s early attacks on his future Republican colleagues and Gov. Bob McDonnell for having the Special Election on Sept. 4. There are two special elections that day in Virginia, and due to the fact that the delegate in Norfolk should win the nomination for the Senate, his delegate seat will need to be filled on the Nov. 6 ballot. That is the reason Sept. 4 was the statewide date.

If Krupicka goes to Richmond with a partisan attitude, he is already showing he will achieve nothing as a minority member in the House of Delegates that is 68-32 Republican.

As an Alexandrian, I want my elected leaders to work for the people they represent and not the party. I only hope that Councilman Frank Fannon, who received the most votes in the last City Council election of any candidate seeking re-election, gives Krupicka some advice on how to work across party lines before he leaves for Richmond. If Krupicka cannot learn to work with Republicans in Richmond like Fannon works with Democrats in Alexandria, his predicted victory on Sept. 4 will mean nothing.

Sarah Shellock