Letter: Voting for Clean Energy Economy

Letter: Voting for Clean Energy Economy

To the Editor:

In November, young people have a choice: make our voice heard or continue letting others make decisions for us and our planet. No kid can wait to be an adult and run their own life. It’s time we take that responsibility to the voting booth and preserve our environment.

President Obama has worked with auto manufacturers to save families $8,000 at the gas pump by increase fuel efficiency standards. These new standards will create and bring home many auto manufacturing jobs. At the same time, he has worked to increase investment supporting over 100 clean energy and energy efficiency projects and supporting over 91,000 clean energy and energy efficiency jobs in Virginia.

Governor Tim Kaine is cut from the same cloth. He finds new avenues to engage the private sector to create a cleaner planet. Kaine’s stake in the environment comes from his outdoorsmen lifestyle. As governor, Kaine worked with legislators to invest a billion dollars in cleaning-up Virginia’s rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. This investment means I can easily purchase fresh and local seafood within 10 miles of my Arlandria home.

As young people, the future of our planet and our economy affects us more than anyone else voting in this election; it’s time we take a stand and support candidates that stand up for our health, the economy and the environment.

Danielle Simms

Danielle Simms lives in Alexandria and is the Environmental Caucus chair of the Virginia Young Democrats; she holds a bachelor of science in environmental science from Randolph-Macon Women's College