Letter: City Police Deserves Kudos

Letter: City Police Deserves Kudos

— To the Editor:

Alexandria residents are fortunate to have an excellent police department in their midst comprised of professionals of the highest caliber. As skilled, educated, and knowledgeable practitioners who face myriad and complex situations in an ever-increasing dangerous world, the men and women who serve and protect the city of Alexandria excel in their craft.

As a criminal justice practitioner for many years and as an educator as well, I had the recent privilege and pleasure to ride along with Sgt. Nicholas Rugierro. I observed nothing but the best during the tour of duty. Every officer I encountered who responded to calls displayed the utmost professionalism, courtesy and respect to all they interfaced with. They were steadfast in their efforts to assist citizens and to respond to crisis calls and thwart crime in progress.

Most residents who go about their daily lives have little idea of how much the police endure in their world of work. It is not at all uncommon for them to be verbally abused and challenged in difficult and, oftentimes, tenuous situations. Moreover, when the police pull over a vehicle or appear on a scene, they never know, with certainty, what they are facing in terms of threats or lethal potential. With honor and pride, these police officers unhesitatingly put their lives on the line on a daily basis.

Sgt. Ruggiero, his crew, and the entire group of officers that comprise the Alexandria Police Department are an impressive group of law enforcement officers. They deserve appreciation and respect for all they do. It is my pleasure to extend to them, as the saying goes in law enforcement lingo, “Attaboys” and “Attagirls.” Congratulations to them all for a job superbly done.

Karen L. Bune

Karen L. Bune is an adjunct professor at Marymount University in Arlington where she teaches criminal justice.