A Miracle at Antioch Christian Church

A Miracle at Antioch Christian Church

Over 100-year-old tree fell without hitting the church or the house.

Over 100-year-old tree fell without hitting the church or the house. Photo Contributed

Last week the Antioch Christian church on Beulah Road in Vienna experienced sadness and a miracle all at the same time: while Pastor Randy Beeman was in his office, he experienced a giant earth-shaking moment. He assumed it was another earthquake in our area or a possible crash on Beulah Road. As he looked out his window he saw one of the youth of the church, Alex Morabito, running in the yard and the pastor thought that she might have been involved in a car accident or had witnessed one.

But she said that she witnessed one of the over-100-year-old trees on the Historic Antioch Christian Church property at 1860 Beulah Road in Vienna fall to the ground. The pastor was relieved she was safe but was concerned about the damage the tree had either done to the church or the house behind the church. As he observed the over-100-foot tree, which had fallen at its base, he noticed the miracle.

"The tree had fallen in the only and exact location where it would not have hit the house or the church building and it fell on a day when no cars were parked in that area of the parking lot. The damage includes a trailer, storage building, fire pit/picnic area and a basketball goal and driveway. Sad to see a historic tree gone, but miraculously thankful it didn't destroy any buildings and fell in the only spot where only minimal damage took place," Pastor Beeman said.