Letter: Supporting Albo’s Position

Letter: Supporting Albo’s Position

To the Editor:

After watching the video of President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” harangue, I (as did most Americans) came to a very different conclusion than did Delegate Dave Albo’s detractors.

Several readers accused Mr. Albo of taking that one phrase out of context. Viewing the entirety of our president’s remarks makes it much more difficult to believe that Mr. Obama didn’t mean exactly what he said, not less. 

There is no evidence in his entire taxpayer-supported life that our current president has any business experience that would in any way justify his ridiculous assertion. With more experience in both business and democratic government than our current chief executive, Dave Albo is more qualified to accurately comment on the president’s remarks than the president was to make them in the first place.

President Obama believes that the formula to remedy the country’s (and the world’s) ills is bigger federal government, plus higher taxes with even higher spending, minus individual liberty. Dave Albo believes the opposite. 

  Fred Cohrs