Letter to the Editor: Such Evil

Letter to the Editor: Such Evil

Such Evil

To the Editor:

It is incredibly hard to fathom that such a brazen act of violence could happen again. It does not feel so long since the Newtown shootings and once again the country’s wounds have been torn open. Two explosions right in the middle of the Boston Marathon, a day that was meant to be felt with excitement and fun. Too many casualties, too many questions but not enough answers. Answers to explain who would do this and equally as important why would they do this. It is hard to believe that a human being lacks a heart and soul to commit such evil. Even more disgusting: extremists groups like al-Qaeda praising the act.

As a Muslim, I am angered that such people dare consider themselves humans to condone such violence. As a young American woman, my hope is that the perpetrators, whoever they are and wherever they may be from, are brought to justice.

Saira Bhatti