Letter: Bigger Issue Than TJ

Letter: Bigger Issue Than TJ

To the Editor:

Regarding TJ, you are barking at the wrong tree.

Also, you can't kill the messenger. Yes, indeed there is a problem with the total educational system but this is not a Fairfax County or a TJ issue but a national issue. It may also be a cultural issue nationally. Rather than picking on TJ per se, why are we not talking more about fixing how we can improve K to Junior High so that more students can compete for entrance to this great school. Not, that it is already highly competitive enough.

As for the cultural issue, indeed the percentage of Asian Americans are quite high compared to the demographics but it is a known fact that Asian American parents consider education of children as their highest priority and instill in their children from early age the importance of education. Tiger mom discussion will be a separate issue but they do definitely push their kids to excel in education over say participation in sports. What is right or wrong in raising the children is another issue.

TJ is doing their best to bring leaders of tomorrow like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates et al. I am sure not long in the future there definitely will be Nobel Prize scientists to come out of TJ. Don't kill the messenger for doing the right thing. Aren't we sometimes force feeding the students to enter institutions that they can't graduate from?

Yori Okuda