‘Come to the Light’ at Katie’s Coffee in Great Falls


“Seneca Sunset” captures the dramatic color that comes to Great Falls along Seneca Road during a winter sunset. This photo will be on display at Katie’s during May

“Come to the Light,” an exhibit of photos capturing light in nature by Great Falls photographer and author Dee Leggett, will be on display during May at Katie’s Coffee in Great Falls. Photos display sunrises and sunsets from beautiful places in Great Falls, as well as beaches along the East Coast and water in Yellowstone National Park. Light through the trees, light through the fog, light on the water, and light in the clouds will draw your eye and your steps right into the scene. The exhibit will be on display during normal business hours at 760 Walker Road. Leggett is a member of Great Falls Studios and has been exhibiting her photography for more than 10 years. Visit DeeLeggettPhotography.vpweb.com or call 703-430-8680.