What Do You Like Best About Living in Arlington?

What Do You Like Best About Living in Arlington?

What do residents enjoy most about living in Arlington? From views of D.C. to shopping to local eateries, respondents had trouble picking just one thing.”


“Grab some picnic goodies from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in Clarendon and then head over to the Iwo Jima Memorial or the Netherlands Carillon — our personal favorite — to enjoy a vast green space plus views of D.C. that can’t be beat.”


“As a resident of Arlington, I love the fact that we have so many shops, restaurants and service providers that are unique to Arlington. Walk down the street or step outside your door, and you’re not going to see the typical strip mall or shopping plaza. Instead, you’ll see thriving businesses that are part of an amazing community.”


“As a mom of two young boys in Arlington, we are always looking for fun things to do outside: picnics next to the Carillon, exploring at Long Branch Nature center, taking long walks along the Bluemont and Custis trails and swimming at Upton Hills. When friends come into town, we love to take them to the Westover Beer Garden. It is fun for the adults — great beer and food — and the kids are contained and always happy to play. For an evening out with my girlfriends, we enjoy trying out all of the roof deck bars at Eventide, Clarendon Ballroom, Whitlow’s and Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill.”


“In our pre-children days, we used to spend nearly every Saturday morning at Brooklyn Bagel in Courthouse. It is a mom-and-pop bagel shop that is out of this world. On the weekends, they have a line that goes way out the door, but in addition to having worth-the-wait food, these guys should teach a business school class in operations and efficiency.

“Perhaps we are biased because this is walking distance from our house, but we think Potomac Overlook Park is so cool. First of all, they have great walking, running and hiking trails, and you’d be hard-pressed to feel like you are as close to a major city as you actually are. This is where we go to get away, relax and explore. You can hike down and walk along the Potomac River, which is pretty unique. On Saturday nights in the summer, they have free live music where you can bring a blanket and picnic, and relax. Our kids really enjoy it too, and there is lots of space for them explore. They also keep the nature center open so the kids can check that out as well.”