Letter: Pulled Back to 18th Century

Letter: Pulled Back to 18th Century

To the Editor:

I read with interest Del. Barbara Comstock’s piece [“Investing in 21st Century Industries and Jobs,” Connection, August 21-27, 2013]. If Ms. Comstock really wants to make Virginia a welcoming destination for new businesses, she should stop voting for socially repressive and discriminatory legislation. Tax breaks and open land are not the only factors that companies consider when deciding to make a move. Top executives also consider traffic problems and education, both issues whose solutions Ms. Comstock has failed to support.

In addition, Virginia has been in the news lately for passing laws that were rejected in other Southern states as being too backward. If we are to be the forefront of cutting edge technology, we need legislators who are not trying to pull us back into the 18th century. Barbara Comstock is not the person we need representing us right now, or in the future.

Haida McGovern

Great Falls